About Us

The Story Behind Infinity Clay

INFINITY CLAY, which is part of the Dung Beetle Company, is a mobile pottery in South Wales, which has provided people from all walks of life and abilities with pottery and mosaic classes for over 20 years (previously known as Polytypic Arts). It was started by Barry Akins to promote artistic ideas, products and installations to encourage discussions and creativity. Barry Akins is an artist/writer and the former potter from St Fagan’s Open Air Museum, Cardiff. Marion Ham is the administrator of the business. It will most likely be her you will deal with, if you email or phone us. Having worked in administration at a variety of businesses over the years, she now concentrates all her time on Dung Beetle projects.

Our Vision

Our aim with the clay modelling kit is to extend the reach of our classes and promote the ancient art of pottery in the modern world. We want to develop INFINITY CLAY into an educational, environmentally friendly and innovative company.

The clay boxes make pottery accessible to people who cannot attend classes and, we hope, will spark an interest in children and adults alike. It teaches patience and perseverance and increases confidence by working creatively.

Please remember, this is not a toy - it is a serious modelling kit!

Included in the kit are instructions for six clay modelling projects, but there is enough clay for you to create your own models as well. The kit is designed as an introduction to using clay and includes ideas for both practical items and decorative ones.

Coming Soon!

We will shortly be offering specialist boxes that focus on ideas and techniques such as themed animals and sculpture kits. If you would like information on our future kits, please email us at hello@infinityclay.com and join our mailing list below.


At INFINITY CLAY we only want to produce products that provide originality, quality and great value for money. We are also developing free online tutorials.

If you can think of ways in which we can improve our kits we would like to hear from you, so please send us your feedback.