Hi Everybody,

Today, I am going to tell you about a clay animal modelling course we did recently. We had six participants, who were given demonstrations of various ways of making their models. We focused on three main areas and the techniques used depended on the size of the model to be made.

The first area was about which technique to use and ways of making the models hollow, so they could be fired in the kiln. So, we did pinch potting, hollowing out using tubes, slab building and constructing paper armatures.

The second area we focused on was getting the proportions of our creations correct and finally we worked on the details and finishing off.   

We ended up making a variety of animals, including a standing horse, a large cat, a pig, and even a whale! It was a fantastic day and I particularly enjoyed it, as it brought back memories of when I was a practicing sculptor in London in the eighties, making clay models for television, movies and adverts. Of course that was all before computer-generated imagery was invented. Check out our up-and-coming courses and if you have any suggestions drop us a line.

Until next week,