Hi Everybody, Today’s blog is about some fun & interesting facts about ceramics. To start, pottery has been around a long time, and the oldest known ceramic in the world was discovered in Czechoslovakia and is a clay sculpture figure of a female, which has been dated to 29,000 – 25,000 BC. Ceramics are used […]

The History of the Ceramic Toilet

Hi Everybody, As you know, I like nothing better than visiting an auction, and recently I noticed the amount of Royal Dolton character jugs and Dolton ware in general that comes up as job lots and sell reasonably cheap. Dolton are one of those areas of ceramics that have gone out of fashion, however, the […]


Hi Everybody, Clay is perhaps one of the most abundant materials on the planet. It is a natural material and is continually being formed by the weathering of rocks and plant materials and as such it is completely recyclable. Recycling clay is an essential task for studio/home based potters to do and the simplest way […]


Hi Everybody, There was an auction in the West Midlands last week that included 300 lots by one of my favourite artists, Clarice Cliff. So, I thought it would be timely to do a short blog about her. After  studying pottery and sculpture at the Burslem School of Art, Cliff started working in the Newport […]


Hi Everybody, This weekend we went to the New Theatre in Cardiff to see Keith Brymer Jones Live! He, of the Pottery Throwdown TV show, the one who gets quite emotional over the contestant’s pots. It appeared to be a full house, which is extraordinary for people just coming to see a potter. We had […]

The Biggest Umbrella in Cardiff

Hi Everybody, As you may have noticed it’s been raining quite a lot lately, so on the weekend instead of getting soaked again on a woodland walk, we decided to visit Cardiff’s National Museum. The museum has a classical architectural style with a large domed roof and was first opened to the public in 1927. […]


MARTIN BROTHERS Hi Everybody, Recently, I viewed an auction that included several pieces of Martin Brothers pottery among the lots on offer. I have been a fan of their ‘Wally Birds’ for a long time, basically because I admire their originality and the fact that there was nothing similar around at the time. They were […]


Hi Everybody, Have you heard of Wemyss Ware, pronounced “weems”? Not many people have. It’s the famous Scottish pottery, which was started in Kirkcaldy, Fife, by Robert Methven Heron in 1882. The pottery is perhaps Scotland’s most famous and the ceramics are easily identified by wide eyed cats and emblazoned pigs with lots of floral […]


Hi Everybody, Today, I’m going to chat about an interesting trip we made to London, recently. We popped into Clifton Nurseries in the leafy London suburb of Maida Vale. This is no ordinary garden centre. It’s like an up-market wonderland of lush plants, shrubs and bushes and I could not help but notice the variety […]


Hi Everybody, At Infinity Clay, apart from doing lots of pottery, we also do mosaic classes. Mosaic is related to pottery, because many of the tiles used in mosaics are made of ceramic. There are unglazed ceramic tiles, which are ideal for outdoor floor mosaics, there are porcelain tiles, ceramic wall tiles, floor  tiles and other […]