Hi Everybody,

Today I thought I would talk about the exciting world of bricks! The reason being, they are all around us and often go unnoticed, which is not surprising really, but the main ingredient of the humble house brick is clay.

         Now, bricks have been around a long time, since 7000 BC in fact, when the first mudbrick houses were made. Of course the ancient Egyptians and Romans made bricks using clay and straw.

Nowadays, bricks are made in several different ways, they can be extruded, using an industrial extruder machine. They can also be moulded, whereby the wet clay is shaped into a brick shape by the mould. Whatever method is used, they are then dried the same as regular pottery and then fired in a kiln. Because I love bricks, I could not resist ending with a brick joke – “I had some ice cream recently that tasted of brick. –  Turned out it was Walls.”

Until next time, happy potting.