Hi Everybody,

Ceramic jewellery is a great way to start producing ceramics for the home potter, because the items by their very nature are going to be small. First of all, start with your design ideas, get yourself a note book specifically for your jewellery and jot your ideas down. Ideas for jewellery can be influenced by anything, be it a giant piece of sculpture or some tiny micro image. Just adjust your drawing and scale accordingly and think how you can interpret them, using clay. Try to link them to your main body of ceramic work, so your entire collection of work begins to develop a brand. Be unique, as there is an awful lot of jewellery out there and somehow yours has got to poke its head above the parapet!

The range of what you can create is quite extensive,  but could include necklaces, bracelets and earrings. These you can combine with other bought beading materials.

There are many different ways of making ceramic jewellery, for example, to make a pendent, roll out a slab of clay, then place something that would make a mark in clay, such as a leaf or some other interesting texture and make sure you make a hole somewhere for the jewellery to be hung. Make sure the hole is not too small,  because the clay will shrink once fired. You can use any clay for jewellery, depending on what effect you are after, but generally make your jewellery as light and tidy as possible. When firing you will need to make a clay bead box, which is a clay box with no lid but holes in the sides and use nichrome wire to hang your jewellery on. It would be interesting to see how you get on with making jewellery, so please send me some pictures and look out for our ceramic  jewellery making course, which we will be offering later on this year.