Hi Everybody,

Denby Tea Cup on Netflix!

Today, I thought I would blog about Denby Pottery, which was founded in 1809. The pottery is often seen as a bit pedestrian, but it is well designed and practical stoneware. I came across an article recently, in which Netflix’s Squid Game featured a Denby tea cup!

It caused a stir at the Denby factory marketing department, which was getting a lot of messages, saying “You’re on Squid Game!’

There is a Denby office in Gangnam, South Korea. That’s the Gangnam of the song  Gangnam Style and Denby has become a luxury brand in South Korea, on the same level as Chanel. This is not surprising, as Denby is still hand-made and it is said that each piece has had 20 pairs of hands working on it. A very impressive feat for a company that is over 200 years old and managed not only to keep all of its production in this country, but uses local clay as well.