Hi Everybody,

Today, I was reading an interesting article about David Hockney, one of Britain’s finest painters, but did you know that in his student days he experimented with clay? The article I was reading concerned the sale of a Hockney ceramic sculpture of a cat. The sculptured cat was given by Hockney, when he was a student at Bradford College of Art, to a couple who helped him and a friend shelter from the rain. This was in 1955 and the cat recently sold at auction and fetched £89,500! This got me thinking about other famous artist who are known for doing other art works rather than ceramics. The obvious one is Pablo Picasso, who made more than 170 unique ceramic works and went on to continue with ceramics during his later life, stating that he found it relaxing. Well, we can all relate to that!

Another artist, who used clay to model with directly, is Antony Gormley, of the Angel of the North fame, who made a work entitled Field for the British Isles,  which was made with 100 volunteers, who were each given a portion of clay and instructions for the size and shape he wanted for the figures they were to make.

Artist often use clay and then cast it into other materials such as bronze and plaster.  Tracy Emin made an artwork called The Mother, which is a large-scale example of a sculpture the artist made with bronze. However, the monumental piece, which is nine meters high and weighs 18.2 tons, was first sculptured from a small figure Emin made out of clay.

 Also, lots of things we use in our daily lives started out as clay models, from full size prototypes of cars to bathroom furniture such as toilets and wash basins and even several musical instruments such as rattles, shakers, ceramic trumpets and horns.

And the relevance of this blog’s image of a pig? There isn’t any. Just trying to catch your attention.

 And on that note, I’ll say happy potting,