Hi Everybody,

Today’s blog is about some fun & interesting facts about ceramics.

  1. To start, pottery has been around a long time, and the oldest known ceramic in the world was discovered in Czechoslovakia and is a clay sculpture figure of a female, which has been dated to 29,000 – 25,000 BC.
  2. Ceramics are used for all sorts of things apart from pots. They are used in bricks, cement, glass detail implants, synthetic bones, and are used on spacecraft, because of their heat resistant properties and in gas turbines.
  3. Clay is found all over the world and is used for building, art and medicine. Clay is a natural, environmentally friendly material that is continually being formed by the actions of the rain and wind on sedimentary shale rocks & sand.
  4. Clay is found in a variety of colours including red, white, brown, grey and black.
  5. Clay can be recycled an infinite number of times and each time it is recycled the quality & consistency of the clay improves.
  6. Clay fires at around the same temperatures as molten lava between 99 – 1350 degrees celsius.
  7. The ancient Egyptians used pottery for the embalming process by storing the human organs in ceramic jars.
  8. Pottery is not pottery until it is fired, and pottery is making pots out of clay, whilst ceramics covers a broader spectrum and means anything made of clay.
  9. Clay is an important part of the soil, because it contains the nutrients that are essential to plant growth.
  10. Earthenware clay – the red clay – is not waterproof, it is porous which makes it ideal for plant pots.