Hi Everyone,

Have you ever thought what hairspray, shaving form, vinaigrette and many other common things have to do with ceramics? I haven’t until I compiled this list…

Hairspray: This can be used, if you need to reglaze a pot. The problem when re glazing pottery, is that because the pot has already been glazed once, the glaze tends to slide off, because the surface is shiny. By spraying hairspray onto the glazed ceramic. it will make the glaze you’re applying, stick to the pot easier.

Shaving foam: You can get a marbled glaze effect by filling a paint roller tray with shaving foam and spreading it evenly. Next, drizzle different coloured underglaze into the foam. Roll your bisque fired pieces into the cream/underglaze mixture then rinse off the shaving foam and let the pieces dry before firing, to get a marbled effect.

Vinegar: To make a really strong joining slip, instead of adding water, add a small amount  of vinegar to help thicken the slip. It is also used as an ingredient for making homemade pottery colouring oxides.

Seaweed, banana skins and horse hair: Seaweed is often used to produce glazed effects in raku firings and was also used in Stoke on Trent to protect the pottery from the coal fire that they used to fire the kilns with.  However, potters often experiment with wrapping their pots with banana skins and horse hair and all sorts of organic materials to create unusual and interesting effects.

If you discover any other common materials used in pottery, drop us a line.

Until next time,