Hi Everybody,

Today I am going to talk about ideas, or more specifically, ideas associated with the production of pottery. Everybody has ideas and if you are involved in the world of pottery and ceramics, these will be on your psychological radar. So basically, you start to see pottery ideas for making things everywhere – I had one the other day, where I simply saw an image on a carrier bag, randomly folded in such a way that it gave me an idea for making a pot!

The more obvious way of getting ideas is going to museums and galleries and being inspired at how inventive other artists can be, though of course you don’t just look at pots to get pottery ideas. It could be a painting or sculpture, a texture on a wall, anything really. So, we have established that there are a lot of ideas out there and they are easy to pick up. The tricky thing is implementation – changing these ideas into physical things.

This is how I do it: If I have an idea, I quickly jot it down in my notebook, or on my phone or even leave myself a voice memo.  But it is important to get the idea out of your head and recorded somehow, because by the time you looked in another direction, the idea will have gone!

Then I get to the fun bit, making the idea into a 3D object. Whatever it is may have seemed good at the time, but when you look at it again, perhaps you’re not too sure. So, the next stage is to elaborate on your idea. Do some sketches, make small clay models (maquettes) if possible, make a model and make a mould, because moulds allow you to experiment by reproducing the item several times. So, get out there, look around this wonderful world of ideas and remember ideas are easy, it is the implementation that is difficult.

An example of this process are the poppy fields of flanders, which flowered after the First World War. This resulted in murals, commemorating this, as well as the ceramic poppies at the Tower of London in 2014 and other memorials to the end of WW1. Three of the poppies from the Tower of London made it into a wall display at my home! See photos below.

Good luck everybody!