Hi Everybody,

This week I would like to talk about using textures in clay.

Basically, anything you can press into clay will leave a mark and you can then use it for texturing your pottery. A lot of items that can be used for this can be found lying around the home. So, I have started making a list of items you can use for making marks in clay.

  1.  Kitchen biscuit moulds
  2.  Doilies and bits of old net curtains or lace
  3.  A drill wire brush wheel will create a furry texture on clay.
  4.  Textured rolling pins
  5.  A nail bush will give a grass effect when pressed into clay.
  6.  Wooden doilies that can be bought from   any craft shop,
  7.   Old buttons
  8.  Tree bark
  9.  Seed pods, for example, from poppies
  10.  Cog wheels, nuts (metal)

In fact, there is a famous Bitossa Italian blue pottery, where their chief designer, Aldo Londi, would walk around the factory and in his pocket, he would have bits of wire and clock parts and anything that could make a mark in clay and press it around the rims of bowls and plates as the pots were being worked on, to give them a unique touch!

These are just a few examples, but please let me know of examples you have discovered. Until next time, happy potting.