Inspired by the Everyman Theatre

Hi Everybody,

Today (Sunday 5th March) we went to something totally new. The Everyman cinema at Cardiff Bay. And what an unexpected – but lovely – surprise! They call it a boutique cinema, which is an apt description, because it is small, sophisticated and fashionable. Small only, because they have small screens, only seating around 50 people, but in very comfortable seats. And what I love about it – it makes going to the cinema an enjoyable experience again. Ok, it costs a bit more, but there is a lovely bar/restaurant with views across Cardiff Bay. You can order food and drink, it’s delivered to you in the cinema and you eat it while you watch the movie. So crunching buckets of popcorn can be a bit problematic, though that is nothing new, but positives outweigh the negatives – you could say in bucket loads! Now you might be thinking what has this got to do with clay and I would say EVERYTHING!  Once you’re immersed (in the clay world), you start to see possibilities everywhere, from designs for pottery, ideas and even exhibition opportunities of cinema themed pots. I came away with a head full of pottery ideas, even the art deco loos are an inspiration and I haven’t even mentioned the movie yet. Go check it out at EVERYMANCINEMA.COM


Barry Akins

Infinity Clay