Kayaking on Cosmeston Lake

Hi Everybody,

Once you get into pottery, you see ideas for making and decorating pots everywhere. Take yesterday for example, I did my first paddle of this year, which is kayaking on Cosmeston Lake, just outside Cardiff.  Looking at the reflections on the water and just seeing the world from a different perspective is so inspiring.

It is also interesting to delve into the history of these places. Cosmeston Lake and park was opened to the public in 1978 and was originally two quarries that were flooded. Before that in the quarrying years, limestone was extracted, for the production of cement, which started in 1886! The quarry had its own railway to take the stone to the nearby cement works and the peak of production at the quarry was 1962, when 175,000 tons of cement were manufactured. Interestingly, they used steam locomotives to transport the stone and humanised them, what is called anthropomorphism, giving non-human things human traits. They named the steam locomotives Marjorie, Annie and Doris after the owner Walter Cooper’s wife and two daughters. Today, two of the engines have been reunited as they were bought by Whipsnade Safari Park, who named them ‘Victor’ and ‘Hector’. A fascinating bit of industrial archaeology that can be found in the most unlikely of places.

And the inspirations? Ideas like creating pottery that shows the reflection of light on water / rippling water / commemorating the quarry in some way….

Until next time. Thanks for looking in – diolch!