Hi Everybody,

The other day we were walking at Parc Cefn Onn, which is a lovely park on the outskirts of Cardiff. It has a large collection of specimen trees and rare plants and flowers and a very impressive pond. If you leave the park, you get into the surrounding countryside and the Rhymney Ridge, and you will come to a disused quarry, which gives spectacular views across the water towards Somerset.

Keep walking and you will come across some old lime kilns. They work by putting the raw lime in the kiln and firing it to temperatures above 900 degrees Celsius, which breaks down the limestone. This is then used as fertilizer and for building materials.  However, I didn’t realise, lime is also used in the processes of melting iron, the production of paper, glass and water treatment and purification. This got me thinking about all the other types of kilns used in industry and pottery for example flare kilns, draw kilns, concrete kilns, brick kilns, paper kilns, wood fired kilns, raku electric, gas, bottle kilns, anagama kilns. There is even a dragon kiln, which get its name, because the way it is constructed makes it look like a dragon. I never realised kilns could be so exciting. Until next time, when I plan to talk about the life cycle of a brick!