Lost and Found – Our ‘Spot the Pot’

Hi Everybody,

Today’s blog is about how we lost our pot and weirdly, how we found it again. Since starting blogging in February, we have taken photographs of a small pot in various interesting locations and called it ‘Spot the Pot’.  

The spectacular location for our pot photo this time is the waterfall at Bad Urach, a small town in southwest Germany, at the foot of the Swabian Albs – how this pot will travel!

Anyway, the waterfall is in a forest on the outskirts of the town and has a 37-metre sheer drop, but what makes the waterfall different, is all the different views it can be observed from. So, in true Infinity Clay/Adventure pot style we placed our pot in a difficult spot and proceeded to click away and take photographs. There was a lot going on, not least water gushing all around, flooding the path. Trying to keep one’s footing, the noise and scrambling down the rocks to get away from an impending thunderstorm, we suddenly realised that ‘Spot the Pot’ had been left behind, halfway up the waterfall, on a bench!

The following day, after a restless night wondering what had become of ‘potty’, we went back to the waterfall and surprise, surprise, the pot was still there, intact, and full of water. I can just put it down to the good people of Bad Urach. If you ever get the chance to visit, go for it, it’s a lovely area.

Until next time then, when we will be showing you where else we have taken ‘potty’ on this trip.