Hi Everybody,

Making a small splash!

Today’s blog is about an organised river swim event on the river Avon in Somerset.  The connection to pottery may sound like a bit of a stretch, but the fact is that trying different things, travelling to different places, gives you a different perspective on how things look and how that can be used in pottery design and decoration. There must have been about 500 people about to take part, of all different ages, shapes and sizes and abilities. Some just wore swimming costumes and others like me had the full wetsuit and neoprene gloves and socks. Some dressed up in fancy costumes and one lady swam the course wearing a fascinator (as well as a swim suit, of course)!

My plan was to make it to the end of the course and not to swallow the water! As I got going, the first thing I noticed, apart from the shock of the water temperature, was the swarms of beautiful blue damselflies doing their acrobatics in front of me as I slowly swam along the mile long course. Apparently, they are most numerous in high-quality water, which was good to know, as I had taken a couple of gulps, because of swimmers splashing in front of me. Anyway, I plodded on, and the swimmers started to spread out a bit more and it was truly a magical experience. My body quicky adjusted to the temperature and there was something so relaxing about this activity of emersion yourself in cold water. We finished the day off with a nice hot chocolate and a piece of cake. So, if you get the opportunity to do this activity, I can highly recommend it. I will soon share some images of river swim inspired pots!