Mixing Two Different Clays

Hi Everybody,

Today, I’m going to explain a simple and effective technique you can use to create a stunning tactile piece of ceramics. It involves mixing two different clays, stoneware buff clay and terracotta red clay. With this technique you can make something flat like a tile or a three-dimensional slab pot.

To start roll out a slab of buff stoneware clay on a piece of canvas, between two rolling sticks to get a consistent thickness. Next, take some red terracotta clay and roll some small coils of clay as thin as you can, without them drying out and breaking. You must do this quickly, because the heat from your hands will make the tiny coils dry out. Pick up your coils and place them on your slab of buff clay. You could create a stick man with your terracotta coils or spiral or twist them to make shapes and patterns. Then, take your rolling pin and roll over the terracotta clay squashing it into the buff clay slab. This is why you need thin coils: because the clay will spread out. The effect you now have will look pleasing, but you can also wrap your slab of clay around a rolling pin to create a slab pot! Because the two different clays fire to different temperatures, there will be a natural hairline crack line around the terracotta, which will add to the effect. Finally, once finished I would coat the clay in clear glaze to see the full stunning effect! Happy potting.

See you soon,