More on our Specialist Courses

Hi Everybody,                                                                

At last, I am offering real live specialist classes in pottery and related subjects in our home city of Cardiff. The first one will be a beginner’s hands-on throwing course (8 places only, everybody has their own wheel).

It’s great to be back and organising these classes in various aspects of pottery and ceramic sculpture, which I have done for many years with people from of all ages and from all walks of life.

I do enjoy passing on knowledge and skills and am always amazed how students use this in inventive and different ways I would never have thought of. It is very satisfying to see the students’ progress and some have even set up their own businesses!

There are further courses I am going to offer in the coming months, apart from throwing on the wheel, and these include ceramic sculpture, mosaic and an intermediate throwing class. Planned for the future are tile making and modelling a portrait head in clay. So, stay in touch, have a look at the website, book yourself and maybe a friend on a course, meet people with similar interests, have some fun and experience a great day out!

Looking forward to seeing you there!