Hi Everybody,

At Infinity Clay, apart from doing lots of pottery, we also do mosaic classes. Mosaic is related to pottery, because many of the tiles used in mosaics are made of ceramic. There are unglazed ceramic tiles, which are ideal for outdoor floor mosaics, there are porcelain tiles, ceramic wall tiles, floor  tiles and other materials, such as glass tiles and pebbles, which can all be used to produce wonderful mosaics. We often produce our own tiles, by painting a coloured glaze onto white glazed tiles to produce the bright colours that are sometimes difficult to find. 

The two main methods of mosaic  are the direct and the indirect method. The direct method is pretty straight forward, as you simply attach the tiles with an adhesive to either a backing board or a wall. The indirect method is a very useful mosaic technique, where you can transfer mosaics that have been worked on in the studio to the outside and this is a method that we demonstrate in one of our mosaic courses. 

As which many things, mosaics first began appearing in Mesopotamia – modern day Iraq in about 3000 BC or so, though nowadays, it’s the Romans that everyone thinks of, when you mention mosaics.

 If you would like to learn more about the ancient art of mosaic and would like to do a practical course, which covers using the various mosaic tools, the different backing boards , adhesives, designs, grouting etc and where  you take home your finished mosaic, then contact us at for our next course.

Speak next week and best of imagination.