Open For Business?

Hi Everyone,

Today, I’m going to chat about a TV program called, Make it to Market’. It’s on BBC 1 and gives advice to budding craftspeople entrepreneurs, on how they might turn their hobby into a real business. Like all these programmes, it’s a bit formulated, so each week, regardless of which craft you might be doing, they ask the participants to produce some smaller, affordable pieces and to make a large signature piece that they could sell for top dollar! They have had a few potters on there, but also furniture makers, glass blowers, weavers, blacksmith etc and regardless of which craft they are doing, there are always snippets of information to be picked up. This includes advice on pricing work, production processes, packaging, and marketing. For those of you who might aspire to make your hobby a business, it’s certainly worth a look in. Also, it’s not a knockout show or winner takes all, it’s just sound advice on how you could make a living producing craft work. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Bye for now, Barry