Hi Everybody,

Today, I am continuing my exploration of the many different clays that are available to the budding potter. Paper clay, as the name suggests, is clay with fine bits of paper added to it. The advantages of doing this is that the clay is not only light, but also strong, and can therefore be used to create both sculpture jewellery and regular ceramic sculptures.

All the clay bodies, that is earthenware, terracotta, stoneware, porcelaine and bone china,  can be made into paper clay. You can even make your own eco-friendly paper clay. The best paper to use is the cheapest toilet paper you can buy, because this will have no added chemicals in it. Just soak the paper in a bowl of warm water or do the same with ripped up newspaper. Add this to you chosen clay body and mix it with a clay mixer attachment fixed to a drill. Then have fun with your clay.

Did you know there are a whole group of potters, who experiment with putting just about anything into their clay bodies, such as small stones, coloured glass, coffee beans, metal safety pins and even dog biscuits! So, try breaking a few pottery rules and see in which direction it sends you.

Bye for now,