Hi Everybody,

I’ve just been to an auction today and bought a fabulous Staffordshire or Rockingham twin-handled ‘loving cup ‘in a treacle glaze. Inside the base of the cup are two surprise frogs. This was seen as a practical joke from the Georgian era onwards. My cup dates from about 1845, but there are examples from 1775. Over the years the mythology of the frog has evolved. They are symbolic of change, rebirth, and good luck. Everything you want in a fledgling pottery business!

Around the side of the cup is what is called sprig decoration, so called because they come from small sprig moulds, like the ones you get in our pottery kits. The clay images from the moulds are then fixed to the outside of the pot with slip. The idea of these cups fits in well with our own Infinity Clay brand of products, as they are quirky and associated with puzzles, which is something we hope to do in the near future. That’s the interesting thing about collecting antique pottery, as there is nothing like having the object in your hands, rather than looking at photographs. There is also the fact that each of these objects has a history of their own and a story to tell. And most amazingly, this cup has survived intact for over 150 years!

Hope you enjoy