Hi Everybody,

This weekend we went to the New Theatre in Cardiff to see Keith Brymer Jones Live! He, of the Pottery Throwdown TV show, the one who gets quite emotional over the contestant’s pots. It appeared to be a full house, which is extraordinary for people just coming to see a potter. We had no idea what to expect during the evening, but waiting for the show to start, the props on stage included a couple of comfy-looking armchairs and a floor lamp, which gave the appearance of a living room. The other half of the sage had a Shrimpo potters’ wheel and some balls of clay.

The first person to walk onto stage was Keith’s wife Marj Hogarth, who is an actor. She talked briefly about Keith, then he walks on, all smiles and waving to the audience, and they sit down on the comfy chairs and have a chat! It was obviously scripted, rather than some random chat, but nevertheless, it was very interesting and entertaining listening about Keith’s life, which included his apprenticeship as a potter, his stint in a punk band, called the Wiggs, and how he started selling his thrown pottery in many famous stores around the world. The chat was punctuated with snippets of videos and photos of Keith’s past and it was all quite inspiring.

The second half of the show included Keith doing a bit of throwing and showing his famous YouTube video, where he’s wearing a dress and imitating Adele. If you haven’t seen it catch it on YouTube – it’s very funny.

His latest venture is the purchase of a large Presbyterian chapel in Pwllheli, which he will be renovating to turn into a living space, a community pottery and his own studio, where again they have the TV crew in, to film the progress of the project.

I’ve included a link to the Adel video below – enjoy!