Snowy Spot the Pot

Hello Pot Spotters,

I just had to get out yesterday and make the most of that rarest of things in our part of the country: Snow. Cardiff woke up to a white world and although it soon turned to slush and more rain than snow, just getting onto higher ground can make all the difference. The Rhymney Ridge that runs along the northern edge of the city was high enough to turn the woods and fields into a Winter Wonderland. So I took a couple of our pots out for a lovely walk. The snow made a nice backdrop to our pots. In the image below my little pots are inching their way towards the rim of the old quarry that’s on the ridge.

I love the snow, the crunchy noise it make when you walk on it. The silent it creates, the cleanness of it. I have never lost the excitement I felt as a child, when I snowed. A lot of people don’ like snow and I appreciate it creates havoc on the road, but a walk in snowy woods is just so beautiful –  and free.

Let me know what you think,


Infinity Clay