Hi Everybody,

Today I’m going to continue the study about different types of clays and talk about the fascinating T Material.

T Material is not the next sequel in the Terminator movie series, but it’s a type of clay, initially used in the steel industry, to help protect the molten metal from forming into steel slag. However, it is also a very useful type of clay for potters. It is a very pure clay body and is valued by potters because it is extremely resilient. It is superb for very large sculptures and hand building use and is well-suited for high quality raku pieces. It doesn’t shrink or crack, but it is expensive, costing about £60 for a 12.5kg bag.

However, if you are one of those pottery or ceramic sculptors who might spend weeks or even months working on a single unique piece, it is well worth the investment, considering the time wasted, if using other clays and then having your work blow up in the kiln.

Hans Coper, the famous contemporary ceramicist, used T Material for his pots. One of Coper’s pots sold at auction for £655,500 in 2022, so not a bad return for a £60 bag of clay!

Barry Pottery