Technique: Using Two Different Coloured Clays

Hi Everybody,

I have just finished taking a short one-day course, where I demonstrated how you can use two different coloured clays to create pottery. We started by rolling out a grey slab of stoneware clay on a piece of canvas so it would not stick to the table. Next, we rolled a coil of red terracotta clay as thin as it could be made (so it looked like a piece of string) and placed it on the grey clay slab and started carefully moving the thin coil about and almost drawing with it. We made the shape of a dancing figure and pleated one of the thin terracotta coils and just placed them down on top of the grey slab. Then we took a rolling pin and with one roll squashed the clay together, so the red clay was embedded in the slab! The effect is quite spectacular as there are fine sharp lines around the figures we had drawn, and this would look good just as a pottery wall tile. We took the technique one step further and wrapped our slab around the rolling pin to make an amazing looking slab pot which we finally added clear glaze to finish off.

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