The Boxenstop Museum

Hi Everyone,

Last week, we visited the wonderful Boxenstop Museum. This unassuming little museum is tucked away in a side street in the old university town of Tübingen, Germany. At first, we were wondering whether it was worth a visit, but once we ventured inside, it turned into one of the highlights of the trip.  The museum is full of vintage cars, bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles of all sizes and horsepower, model airplanes, model railways with rarities from the world of toys displayed chronologically to give a unique journey through time. Most the vintage cars in the museums would have been made as clay prototypes first and that is an interesting point, because we always want to give our blogs a clay connection! 

Full size clay car models are still produced today, along with digital versions, so designers can visualise what a model is going to really look like and because of the versatility of clay, they can make quick changes if necessary. There are just so many ideas for making clay works here by looking at the aerodynamic shapes that were once shaped out of clay.

Anyway, back to the rest of this stunning museum, there is a themed vehicle restaurant and even the amazing toilets are worth a visit. All the exhibits can be admired close up and touched, some are interactive, too. So if you get a chance go to the Boxenstop Museum, we give it five stars plus! 

Until next week,