Hi Everybody,

Today, I’m going to talk about using a clay extruder. These devices come in various sizes, from the miniature to large wall mounted machines. A clay or ceramic extruder is a mechanical device that simply passes clay through a clay column, once pressure is applied. At the bottom of the column is a shape called a die and when the clay is forced through the die, it will ’extrude’ a specific shape. A bit like a cake making icing dispenser, but more robust.               

The different types of extruder include wall mounted extruders, handheld and mini clay gun extruders. The obvious thing to use an extruder for,  is to create perfect coils of clay for handbuilding pots and sculpture, but here are three other things you can use an extruder for.

  1. Making test tiles. An extruder is a quick way to produce test tiles to try out glazes. You can buy special cut dies for this, or you can make your own.


  1. Make super professional handles for your mugs or vases. Rather than pulling them in the traditional way, you can extrude them!


  1. Something I haven’t done, but would like to try, is to make my own 3D print out cut dies to make something unique for my ceramic creations.

Finally, a tip: One of the most time-consuming things about using an extruder is cleaning up the dry clay it leaves before you can use it. Simply push a plastic bag into the barrel of the extruder and that should give you minimal clean up time.

Until next time

Happy Potting,