The Living Shed

Hi Everybody,

This is the story of the return of The Living Shed…

Storage is always a problem when you are producing pottery. There never seems to be enough space. So, when the opportunity arose to pick up a reasonably large shed for free I thought I’ve got to go for it. Only problem was, the shed needed to be picked up from its present site, which was someone’s back garden, straight away and I knew it would be too big to fit in the back of my van, even when taken apart. Sometimes desperation is a great motivator so the obvious solution was to cut the entire shed in half so the thing would fit in the vehicle and then re assemble it with extra bits of wood and screws. Which is what we did. The shed is ideal for storing clay and other pottery making materials that do not mind getting a bit damp. Sorry about the pun, but this really was The Day of the Shed.