Hi Everyone,

We have just finished a ceramic tile making course, where the students not only made their own 3D handmade ceramic tile, but also produced a mould of their tile. The great advantage of having a mould is that you can reproduce the item, as opposed to it being a one-off. So, it enables you to produce several tiles out of the mould and you can experiment with diverse ways of decorating and using the tiles. You can even make a box, or a lamp base composed of tiles! Other tile related things we did, was painting coloured slips on the wet clay tiles, which is a technique that can be found on Chinese pottery over 4000 years ago. We also experimented with making tiles by mixing two different clays: terracotta and buff. At the end of the day, everybody got to take their mould home so hopefully produce other inventive tiles in the future. Check out our other up-and-coming courses HERE.

Until next week,