Hi Everybody,

Today, I am going to talk about using textures on clay, which can be a very exciting way of making your work stand out and be individual. Anything that can make a mark in clay can be used as a texture and it is worth collecting and sorting various items, which you can use for making these marks in clay.

Often quite mundane, simple items can produce very exciting textures. For example, I have often used scrap pieces of embossed wallpaper, fabric napkins, lace curtains, silver foil and even pieces of old sacking! Try using lace by placing it on a slab of clay so it overlaps to create a stunning effect that could be turned into a tile or a slab pot. Other things you can use include craft woodblock stamps, buttons, old pen tops and leaves, which are a great way of decorating. For a grass or a furry appearance use a nail brush, pressed into clay. An old garlic press will create the woolly coat of a sheep. At DIY stores, look for wire honeycomb patterns, such as thin wire grills, used to cover drains and just experiment!  A great organic texture can be made by just pressing a slab of clay into the bark of a tree.

For inspiration on pottery that has embraced texture just look at Troika pottery rough textured slab vases.

The effects you can create are endless and if you come up with any original textures I’ve not mentioned, then please drop us a line.  

Until next time,