Welcome to the first blog post of Infinity Clay

I am so pleased and excited to finally tell everyone about the project that is Infinity Clay!

It has taken a while to get this together, but the aim is to deliver and encourage the ancient art of pottery by producing and selling our pottery starter boxes with original handmade moulds. This is a genuine attempt to be more than just another business venture… Our aim is to deliver our pottery kit boxes that will be genuinely useful to our customers.

Each box has been carefully put together and contains instructions to do hands-on projects. Over the coming months we will add and refine extra features, based on our customers’ feedback.

On our website there will be videos about our journey of making Infinity Clay a reality, including the pros and cons of setting up and working on this adventure. The website also contains articles on inspirational and historic pottery. We have a Spot-the-Pot competition, and a stream of videos on techniques and step by step instructions on how to make something inspirational and worthwhile.

The kits are suitable for everyone, regardless of experience, and in fact you do not need to know anything about clay to benefit from using it. Having taught all aspects of pottery making for many years, I find that people enjoy handling clay.  It’s something different, it’s relaxing and even therapeutic. The techniques of pottery have basically remained the same for thousands of years, yet people continually develop new and inventive ways of using and developing clay as an artistic medium.

If you like what you have read so far, then please sign up to our blog post. We would love you to come along with us on this artistic start-up journey. You will get loads of free information and tips and tricks on the pottery trade and hopefully have some fun on the way!


Barry Akins

Infinity Clay