Hi Everybody,

Have you heard of Wemyss Ware, pronounced “weems”? Not many people have. It’s the famous Scottish pottery, which was started in Kirkcaldy, Fife, by Robert Methven Heron in 1882. The pottery is perhaps Scotland’s most famous and the ceramics are easily identified by wide eyed cats and emblazoned pigs with lots of floral decorated pottery, such as shamrocks and flowers.

Recently, there was an auction of Wemyss Ware at the Scottish auction house Lyon & Turnbull, with 160 lots for sale, which sold for a total of £221,000! The Wemyss Ware in the auction had come from the collection of the late George Bellamy, who spent 40 years putting the collection together. The pottery cats in the sale sold for between £10,000 – £18,000 each! There was also a large ceramic seat in the shape of a barrel and decorated with foxgloves, ragwort, hawthorn, chicory and other wildflowers, which sold for £8000. Other items included vases, plates, jugs, mugs and even a set of four buttons, which sold for £3000. That’s £750 a button!

At Infinity Clay we thought it was interesting that this type of pottery made in the Victorian period celebrated by decorating their pottery with what we would today call weeds such as thistles, brambles and ragwort and doing so with superb quality of painting. So, check out some Wemyss Ware and be inspired by the weeds in the countryside and perhaps your garden. Not everything valuable has to portrait great objects, people or events. Even a humble weed can be celebrated.